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May 03, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

Are you reluctant to share your smile with the world because you're concerned about crooked or dull teeth, a small chip at the bottom of a cosmetic dentistrytooth or even a missing tooth?. Luckily, many of these and other issues can be corrected with cosmetic dentistry procedures. Tampa, FL, dentist Dr. Robert Perez provides several treatments that will enhance your smile.

Cosmetic bonding

Many people put off improving their smiles because they're concerned about costs. Cosmetic bonding offers an inexpensive way to improve your smile in just one visit. The treatment is used to cover minor chips, cracks, discolorations and other flaws, but is equally effective at changing the shape or length of teeth or concealing small gaps between teeth. Bonding involves adding a small amount of flexible composite resin to teeth to improve their appearance. Exposing the tooth-colored composite resin to a curing light during your visit to our Tampa office hardens it and bonds it to your tooth enamel.

Inlays and outlays

Inlays and outlays are used when tooth decay destroys a large portion of your tooth. These porcelain restorations are made in a dental laboratory and replace fillings. Inlays fit inside the cusps, or raised portions of your tooth surface, while outlays extend beyond at least one cusp.


Veneers offer another solution if you have imperfections in your teeth. The thin porcelain shells are attached to the fronts of your teeth and cover uneven surfaces, discolorations, cracks, chips and other flaws. Veneers can also be used to improve the shape of a crooked or twisted tooth, close gaps or whiten your smile. Although the restorations are thin, they're very durable and are resistant to stains.

Bridges, dentures and implants

Gaps in your teeth can drastically change your smile, but that's not the only consequence of missing teeth. Difficulties eating or speaking can also be a problem, depending on how many teeth you've lost. Replacing lost teeth with a bridge, dentures, dental implants or implant-supported dentures improve your appearance and makes it much easy to chew and speak clearly.

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