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May 24, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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For many adults (and some teenagers) the only thing standing in the way of a straighter, more beautiful smile is pride. But the reluctanceclear braces to commit to two years of traditional braces can be understandable, given the many professional, social, and personal considerations involved with a mouth full of conspicuous metallic wires and brackets. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry has come up with a solution, so that choosing between straighter teeth and silver teeth is no longer necessary.

Get a Straighter Smile (Discreetly) with Invisalign in Tampa, FL

Unless you receive orthodontic treatment in junior high, when braces can still be embarrassing but are also a common rite of passage, it can be tempting to skip treatment altogether, and settle for crooked teeth or bite problems. But depending on the extent of the problem, skipping necessary orthodontic treatment for fear of having to wear braces can actually lead to more costly and difficult to treat dental problems in the future.

Tampa, FL based family dentist Dr. Robert Perez offers Invisalign plastic aligners for adults and older adolescents, who would like to straighten their teeth without the metal and wires. In addition to being clear, Invisalign trays hold several advantages over metallic braces. The trays are custom made to fit each individual, making them more comfortable. They can be removed for up to two hours each day for meals and oral hygiene care, and each tray is typically worn for two weeks and changed as the teeth gradually shift into the correct alignment. With follow-up appointments every six to eight weeks, the average duration of an Invisalign treatment is about a year, which is significantly less than with braces.

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