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September 25, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Caring for your smile goes much farther than just brushing your teeth. Preventative dental care is a crucial part of the long-term health of your teeth. But what does preventative care involve? How often should you see your family dentist? Unfortunately, you may not know the Girl Flossinganswers to these common questions. Find out more about preventative dental care and how it benefits you with Dr. Robert Perez at Impressive Smiles Tampa in Tampa, FL.

What is preventative dental care? 
Your dentist provides preventative dental care in the form of biannual dental examinations and cleanings. These visits to your dentist’s office take only minutes and can ensure that you stave off teeth decay and gum disease. Your examination will give your dentist the chance to spot and treat issues like tooth decay early and regular cleanings remove plaque and tartar from the teeth to stop decay in its tracks.

How should I care for my teeth between routine exams? 
The American Dental Association recommends that everyone—no matter their level of dental risk or condition of their teeth—should brush twice a day and floss between each tooth once and see their family dentist at least twice a year for routine exams. Some people may require more or less care, but this routine is enough to keep most people’s teeth clean and healthy between examinations and cleanings.

What makes preventative dental care so important? 
Issues with the teeth often advance rather slowly over time. This means that regular preventative dental examinations and cleanings give your dentist the chance to find and treat issues like teeth decay and gum disease in their earliest stages. Early intervention means less invasive procedures, saving you time, discomfort, and money in the long run.

Preventative Dental Care in Tampa, FL 
Taking the time to see your family dentist twice a year and care for your smile in the meantime can help keep your teeth free from decay and gum disease for years to come. This strong oral hygiene routine is crucial to both your dental and your overall health.

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