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July 28, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Damaged, weakened, or missing teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious and make eating and chewing more difficult. However, crowns and bridgesdental crowns and bridges can work together to give you a fully functional smile you love. Learn more about crowns and bridges and if they can help you with Dr. Robert Perez at Impressive Smiles Tampa in Tampa, FL.

What are dental crowns? 
Dental crowns fit on top of a tooth to keep it intact and decrease the risk of future tooth damage. Made from porcelain, a dental laboratory customizes each dental crown based on an impression of the patient’s mouth. Once completed, a dental crown can:

  • protect a weakened tooth
  • restore the biting surface of a worn tooth
  • stabilize a tooth with a large filling
  • replace a tooth as part of a dental implant
  • change the appearance of a misshapen or discolored tooth

What is a bridge? 
A dental bridge is made up of three or more dental crowns in a row. A bridge does exactly what its name implies: bridges the gap left behind by a missing tooth. A permanent bridge uses dental crowns on either end which attach to the healthy teeth surrounding the gap. Removable bridges use metal clasps to latch onto the surrounding teeth. The bridge itself lies on the gum line and restores the appearance of your smile. The dental laboratory takes the bridge’s color into consideration while customizing it, ensuring it will fit in with your teeth flawlessly.

Crowns and Bridges in Tampa, FL
Crowns and bridges can work together to restore your teeth and give you back your smile. By restoring the biting surface with crowns, eating and chewing is made easier. Used in conjunction with other cosmetic dentistry procedures, your new crowns and bridges can give your smile an aesthetic boost along with restoring its functionality. Your dentist can help you determine if crowns and bridges are the best treatment option for you and your teeth.

For more information on crowns and bridges, please contact Dr. Robert Perez at Impressive Smiles Tampa in Tampa, FL. Call (813) 962-8888 to schedule your dental examination with Dr. Perez today!