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You don’t need extensive dental work to get a celebrity smile. At Impressive Smiles Tampa in Tampa, Florida, Robert J. Perez, DDS, use veneers to fix chipped teeth, tooth discoloration, and more. Dental veneers can change the shape and length of your teeth, so you can have the smile you’ve always wanted. For more information, call Impressive Smile Tampa or book an appointment online.


What are veneers?

A veneer is a wafer-thin piece of porcelain, zirconia, or composite resin that bonds to the front of your tooth to change its color, shape, length, or size. Which material you choose depends entirely on your unique lifestyle and budget.

Porcelain veneers are the most popular choice amongst patients, as this strong, natural-looking material cannot stain. If you struggle with tooth discoloration, porcelain may be the right option for you.

Dr. Perez also offers BruxZir® zirconia veneers in his office for patients who want the natural look of porcelain veneers, but the strength and durability of zirconia restorations. Because solid zirconia is a highly nonabrasive material, BruxZir is considered more comfortable than alternative materials.

Which dental problems do veneers treat?

Dr. Perez recommends veneers to treat a number of dental concerns, such as:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Teeth that have been reduced by teeth grinding
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Oddly spaced teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Because they are custom-made for you, veneers polish your smile and help your teeth look more uniform.

How does the veneer process work?

Veneers require a three-step process that starts with an initial consultation with Dr. Perez, who can help you decide the right material for your new restoration. At your second appointment, Dr. Perez prepares your teeth by removing a very small portion of the enamel. This ensures that your veneer blends in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

During that same visit, Dr. Perez takes impressions of your teeth to serve as models for the veneer, which is created in an outside lab. At your final visit, he places the veneer on your tooth with water or glycerin before cementing it into place and curing it with a special light.

Before you leave, Dr. Perez cleanses the surface of the veneer and polishes it until it looks like a natural addition to your smile. You must return for a follow-up appointment in one to two weeks to ensure your veneers look and feel like the rest of your teeth.

Thanks to veneers, you can finally show off the smile of your dreams. Call Impressive Smiles Tampa or book an appointment online to learn more.

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