How Drinking Soda can Destroy your Teeth

Drink enough soda and your teeth could deteriorate so much that they look like the teeth of a methamphetamine or crack addict.

That’s one of the messages of a case study published in a recent issue ofGeneral Dentistry, the journal of the Academy of General Dentistry.

The author, Mohamed Bassiouny, a researcher and professor of dentistry at Temple University in Philadelphia, insists he’s not trying to scare soda drinkers. He says he has observed striking similarities between the lesions on the teeth of crack and methamphetamine addicts, and those on the teeth of people addicted to soda.

Dental effect of soda vs meth

But even people who wouldn’t consider themselves “soda addicts” are at the risk of dental erosion, he says, if they exceed the recommended intake limit of one 12-ounce soda per day.

Citric acid, a preservative that enhances flavor and shelf life in soda, is the main culprit. It erodes the enamel and eventually the dentin -the core of the tooth. As we’ve reported before, energy drinks and citrus juices also have a lot of citric acid, though beverage companies aren’t required to disclose exactly how much on drink labels.

“It all contributes to the damaging effect on dentition,” says Bassioury. And it means that even if you limit your soda intake to one can a day, you should avoid other beverages that could contain citric acid.

The above article is a summary taken from AGD magazine. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Robert Perez at (813) 962-8888 or [email protected]